Q: When will the contest be judge?
A: When all categories reach 10,000 contestants.

Q: When will the movie be filmed.
A: Once winners are picked, we'll work with our director and get the winners to the film's location.

Q: How do I submit my works.
A: Send them care of; thecitycontest@gmail, make sure you attach you submission number to the email.

Q: How many social media sites are you currently on?
A: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, and we have our own blog site.

Q: Are you going to release any other books, and turn them into independent films.
A: Yes, we are currently working on running multiple books that will become independent films. Stay Tuned!!!!

Q: Can I help out in anyway?
A: Yes tell your friends and family to join the competition.

Q: Can I submit my own music.
A: We rather you work with our music, but if you want to use your own music you can.

Q: Do I have to submit professional submissions.
A: Submit your best, we have an eye for talent.

Q: Can I participate in multiple categories?
A: Yes you can and registration is free.

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