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The City DOA

The City Doorways of Apocalypse

The daily routine of a cocaine dealer, Lee-Lee, goes wrong when he has a vision of his friends betraying and murdering him. Lee finds himself in the middle of a huge conflict that will either make him rich or coast him his life.

About the story:

About the Aurther:

Zion has spent the last 28 years in state prison for drug possession, robbery, and carjacking. During his time incarceration he has studied the law becoming a successful jail house lawyer, converted to Judaism, has written over a dozen books and reconnected with his family. His stories reflect life in the ghetto for black and brown people and the traps and pitfalls people in these situations find themselves in.

The City of DOA: Chapter 1

The City of DOA: Full Script

Production title: The City Doorways of The Apocalypse
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent Short Film
Project length: Short Film (22 minutes)
Project format: 16:9
Production location: New York City, New Jersey
Production Company: Onemillioncolors
Director: Joel Smith
Audition Location: Online/ Virtual submission


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About the Director:

The director is Joel Smith an editor and colorist from Paterson, New Jersey. He has won several awards for his short horror film titled "怨恨 - Cursed Forever" and currently resides on Tokyo, Japan.

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The City DOA Casting

We are looking for actors for our film The City Doorways of Apocalypse. We are casting a large group of actors for this project so please check our Actors page for more info on how to apply!


The best audition will receive $100!

Justin Motley as Lee Lee

Here's an actor who understood exactly what we were looking for here at Tac and Strat. He absolutely nailed the performance in this audition. Congratulations to one of our winners of the first casting call,
Justin Motley...

Marcus Muhd as Amen Exodus

This is a perfect example of what we are looking for in a lead actor. Marcus is naturally strong, confident, focused, and smart. The perfect mix of what Amen Exodus needs to be. 

Jose Rosete as Boss Jay

This guy has energy! He perfectly encapsulates the type of energy and attitude were looking for, for the Boss Jay character. Marcus definitely took a note from Captain Howard, in Bad Boys 2. You want to compete you got to bring the heat! 

Jon W Harris as Boss Jay

This is what's called capturing the moment and truly hitting the mark with every swing! If you're not coming like this then you never showed up... Congratulations to our winner, John W. Harris

Adrienne Lauren as Raisin

Andrienne has a great attitude. She has over 8 years experience as an actress and model and crushed it on her audition. Playing a sleazy ales women’s is easy and Adrienne nailed it. 



Any Where · Any Talent · Any Dream


Would you like to be a part of the project?! We are searching for contributors like YOU for this project. Check out our Submissions page.

If you’re a musician, singer, rappers, digital artists, poet, filmmaker or painter, we want to hear from you! 

Send us a message with an original song, dance, poem, video or piece of art and we will feature it on this page and socials!

* Oscar Micheaux
The first black director

*Participants must be above the Age of 18 or older

Apply here or send e-mail to

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